The campsite is fully booked until the 17th of August.

Plaats 38 is vrijgekomen van

7 tot 9 augustus.

The apartment is fully booked until the 22nd of August.

The Safari tents are fully booked until the 27th of August.


Camping Berkel

Campsite and Bed & Breakfast

Welcome To Campsite

and Bed & Breakfast Berkel

Camping Berkel is a small campsite situated in a valley of the Luxemburgish Ardennes, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of hills. The river 'Sure' flows right next to it and the campsite has a natural, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. 

It offers the perfect escape , not only because of the authentic atmosphere of the farmhouse ( where you can find the reception ) but the surroundings are perfectly suited for fishing, hiking, exploring and mountain biking. 

Two tents are installed on the campsite , the so called Safaritents, which are available for renting. They are fully furnished so it's an adventurous and luxurious way of 'camping'. 

Furthermore , the campsite offers the possibility to stay in the farmhouse. Four beautiful rooms that have a cosy shared living room are part of the so called 'Bed and Breakfast' and a fully furnished four person- apartment is for rent.