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Things to do in Luxembourg


With plains and forests, lakes and rivers, the landscapes of Luxembourg are as charming as they are fascinating. And there is no better way of exploring them than on foot. There are several paths that start at the campsite and there are enough that everyone can pick their own level. 

Hiking through Luxembourg, will surprise you at every turn: a picturesque village here, an ancient ruin there and incredible views that will take your breath away. There are so many hiking trails throughout the country that you can explore all five regions of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg this way: from the capital and its surroundings, to the Ardennes, to the Land of the Red Rocks in the south, to the Mullerthal Region and the Moselle Region.


We are part of the 'bed and bike' network as we offer accommodation and storage for the bikes.  You will find that Luxembourg has something to convince anyone who loves cycling or mountain biking. The maps for cycling can be borrowed and the files for your bike navigator can be uploaded at the reception desk Throughout the country, the cycle paths are well-marked and mostly in remote locations away from traffic.


Luxembourg is a paradise for anglers, since its lakes and rivers are home to trout, pike, pike-perch, eel, carp and many other types of fish. In order to fish in Luxembourg, a fishing permit is required which can be bought at several places from a few kilometers of the campsite. 


With its many lakes and rivers, Luxembourg seems almost predestined as a place to practice water sport. Many rivers are suitable for canoeing or kayaking as for example on the Sûre in Lultzhausen or in Dillingen. 


There is an adventurous climbing park in Vianden called the 'Tree-climber'.


There are several swimming options around the area. First of all there is the nature park of the Upper Sûre lake , a few kilometers from the campsite. This is not only a beautiful landscape but offers the perfect swimming possibility during summer. The river 'Sûre' also surrounds the campsite and you can take a jump into the water for cool down but it's too shallow to really swim in it. 

Moreover there are numerous swimming pools nearby. For more info please contact our reception desk. 

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